Friday, March 19, 2010

week 9 tests

All of today's videos, except the third one, are silent.

This is a beat poet platypus that Margaret Bessai designed for me a number of years ago. The tail is connected to one leg and the two arms are connected together. This is just a test shot in class.

Nathan Ottenson and Geremy Logue created this sand animation in class on a lightbox I built last year which is powered by LED lights, making it a bit dim. It is upside down, sorry. Meant to flip it but am now in a rush to post these.

This is something Geremy Logue did using the animation function on Photoshop. I've never tried this. The old version we had in the classroom didn't do it the same way, so we didn't get to demo it. He was limited by how many frames he could do, this is the maximum length of one session.

This is an in-class test we did using a stick figure I traced from a Muybridge sequence, mixed with Steve Macauley's performance.

This is another similar work using an overhead projector, but this time using the original Muybridge images of a woman, with Eric Sirke performing.

Everyone drew flip books in class and some people traced the flipbooks onto transparencies so we could project them. Here is Thomas Retzlaff's.

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