Saturday, March 20, 2010

third last class

Janine Windolph made this piece on After Effects using a mosquito image she asked her uncle to draw for her. It fit well into todays class which began with an optical printing demo.

Kristine Dawler created this last week and we shot it in class today because we ran out of time last week. I was surprised that someone who could freehand draw such a nice chicken over and over again would opt to do a flipbook of an egg (the image is a transparency traced from her flipbook).

Yvonne Abusow made this clock piece from cut outs.

The following is based (loosely) on the Harryhousen style of shooting the skeletons in Jason and the Argonauts where one image is projected behind on a small rear screen and the puppet is animated in sync with it in the foreground. The figure was made by Yvonne and Geremy (I think) and was animated by Erik and was inspired by David Bowie.

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