Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yet more last clips

Derek Novosad created this piece with sand and photos. He played it in class with the Sex Pistols.

This is also some sand animation, this time from Erik Sirke. He showed it to me last week but I didn't have space on my thumb drive to take it home at that time.

Sand got very popular in the last week. Here is some tests by Colten Yuzicapi.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A few last tests

Here is Erik Sirke's take on the "battle donkey" idea from earlier in the term. He didn't have sound effects suitable for it on hand so I told him I would add them for him, but I didn't.

Geremy tried out sand animation. He makes it more effective by manipulating it in editing, creating a sense of frustration.

Geremy also tried his hand at the Light Bright (tm).

Thomas Retzlaff created this flicker work:

Thomas also created this test using Adobe After Effects combined with pixelation.

Colten's tests

Here are a few more tests. These are from Colten Yuzicapi. He handed them in on dvd, which I can usually crack and post without trouble, but for some reason his discs gave me a lot of trouble and I needed to take a very roundabout method to copy them and then encode them for the web.

Friday, April 9, 2010

End of term but not end of work

Here are a number of tests that Jacob and Ashley have been doing with the 3D software.

This is the 16mm footage created by Yvonne, Geremy, Stephen, and Eric. I hand processed it this morning. The triangle shape is my error from loading the bolex when it's wind was run out. It is the shutter out of sync. The first clip is the film as we see it, reversal colour processed as negative. I reversed in the computer so you can see what it should look like. There were other problems with the mounting of the motor that prevented the camera from backwinding and thus there are not as many tricks as they intended.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Janine's class

Janine Windolph took over the previous class and had everyone collaborate on a workshop creating and animating some characters and situations. Here are some tests to try to figure out water on a shore.

Here is a lip sync test we made, using one of the faces made in class.

Kristine Dowler made this dinosaur piece with toys, plants, etc with a bit of computer graphics/animation mixed in. Some good sound as well.

Ashley Green worked with sand, at first bottom lit and then top lit.

Deric created this using various mediums.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

third last class

Janine Windolph made this piece on After Effects using a mosquito image she asked her uncle to draw for her. It fit well into todays class which began with an optical printing demo.

Kristine Dawler created this last week and we shot it in class today because we ran out of time last week. I was surprised that someone who could freehand draw such a nice chicken over and over again would opt to do a flipbook of an egg (the image is a transparency traced from her flipbook).

Yvonne Abusow made this clock piece from cut outs.

The following is based (loosely) on the Harryhousen style of shooting the skeletons in Jason and the Argonauts where one image is projected behind on a small rear screen and the puppet is animated in sync with it in the foreground. The figure was made by Yvonne and Geremy (I think) and was animated by Erik and was inspired by David Bowie.

Friday, March 19, 2010

week 9 tests

All of today's videos, except the third one, are silent.

This is a beat poet platypus that Margaret Bessai designed for me a number of years ago. The tail is connected to one leg and the two arms are connected together. This is just a test shot in class.

Nathan Ottenson and Geremy Logue created this sand animation in class on a lightbox I built last year which is powered by LED lights, making it a bit dim. It is upside down, sorry. Meant to flip it but am now in a rush to post these.

This is something Geremy Logue did using the animation function on Photoshop. I've never tried this. The old version we had in the classroom didn't do it the same way, so we didn't get to demo it. He was limited by how many frames he could do, this is the maximum length of one session.

This is an in-class test we did using a stick figure I traced from a Muybridge sequence, mixed with Steve Macauley's performance.

This is another similar work using an overhead projector, but this time using the original Muybridge images of a woman, with Eric Sirke performing.

Everyone drew flip books in class and some people traced the flipbooks onto transparencies so we could project them. Here is Thomas Retzlaff's.